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Touching the Earth

I am a professional full time landscape, travel and fine art photographer based in Spain, but traveling all around the Earth.

My first contacts with a camera took place when I was a teenager, but it wasn't until my early twenties when I really discovered my passion for photography. It soon became the perfect way to express and share my love for Nature and being outdoors. 

Photography for me is a way of feeling, of living the experiences you have every day and, at the same time, the perfect tool to share all those experiences with anyone, and to remember and live those moments again forever.

From those years, that passion for photography began to grow, until I finally decided to make my dream come true and launched my photography career. 

Since I started my career, my work has been exhibited in many galleries, and  published by companies all around the world. I have also won prizes, mentions and recognitions in several contests.


Sergio Lanza

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